"Health and the Climate and Ecological Emergency"

Group Exhibition in


The Street Gallery,

University College Hospital


In order to reduce carbon emissions from transport the art works from outside of the UK will be displayed in a virtual gallery setting. The exhibition includes physical works from the UK. See the exhibiton HERE


  August 24 - October 20, 2021

London, UK

UCLH quote:

"The Healthcare Arts Collective and UCLH Arts and Heritage are launching an exhibition on Health and the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

The exhibition is viewable at the UCH Street Gallery for hospital patients and staff only  and on the virtual platform Smartify.


Our way of life, including the provision of healthcare, is harming the planetary life support systems that we rely on. Radical change is needed. We will increasingly need to adapt to managing physical and mental illnesses caused by ecological degradation while also reducing our environmental footprint and trying to prevent any further damage. Does this challenge provide an opportunity to tackle inequalities and build healthier, more resilient communities? Can we address the issues of intergenerational and global injustice that are raised by current levels of consumerism and use of resources? What vision of the future do we hold? Can we find ways of living which protect both the planet and our health?


Our response to this crisis may vary: from measured expressions of hope through to feelings of despair. Art is one way of articulating and processing these feelings and of sharing envisaged solutions." To read more click here.

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Erwin Rios is a

worldwide artist award NOMINEE


of the

PIAB | 21 (Barcelona International Art Awards),

an annual international prize part

of the FIABCN (International Art Fair of Barcelona)



Award Ceremony: Saturday 4th December 2021, Barcelona


PIAB = Premi Internacional d’Art de Barcelona

FIABCN = Fira Internacional d’Art de Barcelona




Group Exhibition in

 Rossocinabro Gallery


Curators Cristina Madini & Joe Hansen


20 September – 11 October 2021

Via Raffaele Cadorna 28, 00187



Opening hours Mon–Fri, 11am to 5pm



International Exhibition of Contemporary Art & Design




works from the Quo Vadis Series


October 23 - 31, 2021

at Fortezza da Basso in Firenze, Italy,

under the high patronage of European Parliament



Group Exhibition "Arte in cammino"


3 - 13 Dez., 2021


Gallery La Pigna

Catholic Union of Italian Artists - Rome section

La Pigna Gallery via della Pigna 13 / a 00186 Rome