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Erwin Rios is represented in the contemporary art volume

“Artists of Today and Tomorrow II”

(Gangemi editore)

Edition 2021


Here are the photos of the presentation of the publication on Monday 6th December in Italy, Rome at Spazio Europa - Rappresentato in Italy of European Parliament.


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Art Curator Martina Viesti, Paraíso Catalogue


"Erwin Rios is an Austria-based artist which art recalls abstract expressionism. Emblematic of Erwin Rios' artistic production is the ability to use different materials to create different textures in order to express emotions and convey different feelings. At the international summer art exhibition "Paraiso" by M.A.D.S. Art Gallery, Rios exhibits “Moment 607” which recalls the works of Mark Rothko and from a certain point of view also those of Josef Albers. The subjectivity of perception in terms of colors is impregnable in the artist's works, "Moment 607" has a chromatic contrast and texture that leads the observer to wonder what may be hidden behind that thick layer of milky white. To create the contrast of textures Rios uses sand that gives that sense of lightness and relaxation. Each color and texture brings to the surface thoughts, emotions and memories which are unique and personal for each observer. But that's not all, Rios's will is to create awareness and a sense of responsibility. Erwin Rios is aware of the passage of time, that what we look at today will not be the same tomorrow, landscapes change and it is our responsibility to protect them."


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BORDERS Art Festival, Venice; Oct.-Nov. 2020

Exhibited Works / Ausgestellte Werke:  Series QUO VADIS


Die Mauer; Integrationslabyrinth; Mauern im Gehirn; Stop, Staatsgrenze; An der Grenze XI; Kein Ausweg; Warten 3; Hafenverbot und Flaggenentzug; Hafenverbot und Flaggenentzug 1


"... The nine large paintings of the Austrian artist Erwin Rios, instead, are more connected on current events. His series is a reflection about involuntary and voluntary migration, both political or economic, and about the theme of the comparison with the others, which led to an integration of migrant people in new contests. ..."

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