Artist Statement

When I paint, I meet myself and my subconscious is reflected in the colors and finds expression in the pictures. For me it is a complex and demanding work full of emotions. I look at it, criticize it, scratch it, cover it with acrylic layers ... I destroy it to ultimately create something that turns out to be an expression of my deepest inner being. It helps to organize my thoughts and feelings. Therefore, my paintings are a very personal expression of topics that concern me.




The series “Quo vadis” (Where are you going) is a contemplation of people, starting with myself and everyday life and inevitably expanding to all forms of human interaction. “Quo vadis” speaks of people who all have one thing in common: Disadvantage or discrimination, be it because of gender, skin color, ethnicity, a disease, religion, sexual orientation, social and economic status ...


The topics that are particularly close to my heart and that find expression in my QUO VADIS series are, on the one hand, involuntary and voluntary migration (be it political or economic). On the other hand, it is social inclusion, not only of migrants, but of all people who are excluded from society due to their diversity.



 I see every single person affected and see what is going on in people. Each person is a unique individual and at the same time lives in constant interaction with other people. This raises questions: Who am I? How do I deal with myself and with other people - how does it affect the whole thing?


Ultimately, everyone is about to experience love, appreciation and happiness. The first step is to tear down your own walls in your brain, broaden your perspective and open your heart.


Discrimination is often a social or political construct, an artificially created reduction of a certain group of people to characteristics that serve a certain goal. One can easily play with people’s needs, desires, or primal fear of the unknown. It is therefore extremely important that people receive a wide-ranging education because knowledge can protect. It is important to talk about the topic, it is important to keep the topic publicly present. In my paintings I process my emotions and would like to ask the viewer to deal with their own emotions and thoughts on the subject.




One of the issues I deal with is our living space. Deforestation, flooding, drought ... the news is imprinting in my subconscious and throwing questions. Memories from my childhood and landscapes from today... will they still be there tomorrow? What will they be like? How is our quality of life affected by the way we interact with nature, what interrelationships arise...? The series "Moments" explores these questions that affect our environment.


I capture moments, moods and reality mixed with memories and fantasy. This in the awareness that nothing is as it was, and nothing will remain as it is. We carry the past in our memory, the future in our responsibility. If we continue to treat our planet as we have done so far, our future will be nothing but memory... My message is that we must change our way of treating nature, people, animals...