When I don't paint, I'm like a captive lion with only one wish - to break free. When I paint, I meet myself and my subconscious is reflected in the colors and finds expression in the pictures. For me it is a complex and demanding work full of emotions.


I look at it, criticize it, scratch it, cover it with acrylic layers ... I destroy it to ultimately create something that turns out to be an expression of my deepest inner being. Through the art work I can communicate myself and my inner worlds ...


I am concerned with issues that touch me deeply, such as racism, equality, terror, violence, hunger, the enormous influence of the economic powers on important components of our existence i.a. on our living space, the earth etc ...



Deforestation, flooding, drought... the news is imprinting in my subconscious and mixing with questions. Memories from my childhood and landscapes of today... will they still be there tomorrow? HOW will they be?


I capture instants, moods and reality mixed with fantasy; this in the awareness that nothing is as it was and nothing will remain as it is. We bear the past in our memory, the future in our responsibility. If we continue to treat our planet as we have done so far, our future will be nothing but memory...


My message is that we have to change our way of dealing with nature, people, animals... 


SERIES QUO VADIS (socially critical art)

One topic that is particularly close to my heart and that finds expression in my QUO VADIS series is involuntary and voluntary migration; be it political or economic, as well as integration in the broadest sense. 

 QUO VADIStalks about

… all people who are exposed to racism, violence, war, hunger ... those who are fleeing

... all people who get involved with the unscrupulous smugglers in the hope of a better life in peace.

... all the deleted livelihoods, lost hopes ... in the daily tragedies.


But QUO VADIS also speaks about those who are blessed by faith and can start a new life in safety and confidence;  now facing new challenges with fundamentally different cultural and social backgrounds.


I want to throw the question in the room: What can our society do to at least guarantee everyone's basic rights? And last but not least: what can each individual do...